10 year Anniversary session in the snow – Brooke and Josh

Have you ever wanted to redo your wedding photos? Raise of hands? Me? yes.

Wedding Photography is important, but, all too often, I get an e-mail or phone call with the inquiry of a wedding day re-shoot. Kinda sad, but, I get it. I plan on doing this myself… I even have the dress ready.

So, when my dear friend, Brooke, asked me for this – I was all about it. I love this girl and her hubby. We are good friends in our small little town. Brooke is also a photographer and needless to say, we have a lot in common.

Brooke wanted a session in the snow. Easier said than done…it hasn’t been the greatest winter for snow. I can’t tell you the amount of texting and stalking accuweather we have done, but, it finally happened. We had to drive to the snow, but, it was so worth it. Josh was such a trooper. He didn’t complain at all… if you can imagine driving two photographers around with a “vision”? There was a lot of “ooohhh, pull over!” – “look at that barn!” – “I love this light.” Etc…

So. Much. Fun.

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